Ilya Plotnikov. Moscow, Russia. Chief engineer in the field of cartography and geoinformatics.

I met this guy when he came to hang out in Tel Aviv last year with his perfectly sick worn out bike that you couldn’t miss if you saw it.

I even made a round on it even though it was too big for me, but I couldn’t resist.


It has been a long time since I’ve asked the owner to put together his story, so finally, I present to you, Ilya:

My name is Ilya, I’m from Moscow Russia, I’m chief engineer in the field of cartography and geoinformatics, also studying in graduate school with the same specialty. Worked as a teacher in MSUGC (MIIGAIK) for a year and a half but quickly got tired of it.

I’m interested in cycling (surprise) and mostly in photography and arts. Actually, my real hobby is to take pics of my fixed gear bike (the only type of bicycles I accept, well road bikes are OK too) while travelling round the world in some places you would never thought of. Some of my pics were exhibited on bike festivals in Moscow (you actually never heard of them) and on Bicycle Film Festival (that’s pretty cool).

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Daniel Davidovsky. The bike as a musical instrument

Sometimes life gives you more then you expect. Yeah, well, that is a cliché, but please let me use it and I’ll explain. This blog is updated in a manner that won’t let it become famous ever. And I don’t care; I love it and am back with a new post.

I love music and I love bikes. And I love the kind of music you won’t find at a local bar. And then I got introduced to a guy, whom I haven’t ever met, because he is not into all this fixie scene, doesn’t hang out, but owns one of the most beautiful frames I’ve seen – Windsor Profesional Track (a copy of Cinelli Speciale Corsa Pista, made in Mexico) from the 70’s. It’s covered with scratches and serves the owner well. And not only as a vehicle, but also as… a musical instrument.

Meet Daniel Davidovsky


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BlocBoi Fame. Los Angeles, USA. Rap artist.


So let’s do the music story again with a load of explicit lyrics just so you know. I’ve bumped into this video a couple of ages ago (almost as long ago as it takes me to update this blog) and was listening to it in my car, in my headphones while riding, at home, singing:

“If you see me on the block, I’ll be riding on my fixie,

If you see me in ya hood, I’ll be riding on my fixie…”

Then I started this blog and found the BlocBoi Fame’s Facebook , sent him a message asking if he’d write his story. Yesterday, after having lost hope, I got a message from him and here we go: The Los Angeles N.W.F (Nothing to do with National Wildlife Federation) gang and BlocBoi Fame.

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Anya Genkina. Textile design student, Tel Aviv. A story of one girl, two bikes and a crash.

There are a lot of stories about bikes that people tell – how they did the craziest downhill on a fixie, how they won a professional race, how they jump the hills on a mountain bike. But there are also stories that have all the romance and beauty in them, but they also carry a lesson.

The story I’m posting today is by my friend Anya, a textile design student at Shenkar college in Tel Aviv. She was one of the first fixie riders in Tel Aviv. She was always put to me as an example of a devoted and fearless rider and her story is important because it teaches us all a little, but important something. Actually, it’s the first time I get the story of her crush from her and while I was translating it into English, I was overwhelmed with emotions and huge respect to this fearless person.


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Farewell to a Krzbrg

Leonid has sent me this story from Torono Fixed Gear saying that it would have it’s place on the blog.

He was absolutely right, because in a few sentences, a guy named Alex Mazanik tells what I feel. A bicycle is not only a bicycle, it is THE bicycle – your friend, your partner, your story. One understands that when he decides to change the ride. I wish all of those who sell their frames could see how the new life treats it. Sounds too emotional? Well, I’m a chick, so let’s just live with it.

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